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DIY Assembling Puzzle Track Car Play Set for Kids (Random Design)

DIY Assembling Puzzle Track Car Play Set for Kids (Random Design)

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  1. Promotes problem-solving skills: Assembling the track and electric components encourages children to think critically and solve problems independently.

  2. Enhances fine motor skills: Handling small parts during assembly helps improve dexterity and fine motor skills in younger children.

  3. Modular design: The track set is designed with interchangeable and customizable components, allowing children to create their own unique track layouts.

  4. Creative expression: Kids can explore their creativity by designing different track configurations, fostering imagination and innovation.

  5. Child-friendly materials: The set is made from safe, non-toxic, and durable materials to ensure the safety of children during play.

  6. Long-lasting construction: The quality of materials is longevity of the track set, providing hours of entertainment.

  7. Realistic movement: The movement of a real train and vehicle, adding an element of realism to the play experience.

  8. Battery-powered for convenience: The electric car is powered by batteries, making it easy to operate without the need for cords or outlets.

  9. Parent-Child Bonding: The assembly process becomes a collaborative activity for parents and children, promoting bonding and shared experiences.

  10. Learning together: Parents can take the opportunity to explain concepts, answer questions, and engage in meaningful conversations during the assembly process.

  11. 15pc Box = 1 x Car , 8 x Track , 4 x Sign Boards , 2 x Traffic Cone
  12. 25pc Box = 1 x Car , 12 x Track , 8 x Sign Boards , 4 x Traffic Cone
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